The One Where Dell Admits It Doesn't Know Anything About The Post-PC era

Andre Meier:

But they’re just that – instant reasons. Not well thought–out, reasoned, planned decisions. After the first blush of tablet mania, we’re now at the point where it’s time for serious, planned adoption. There’s now a great deal more choice in terms of platforms out there, and plenty of approaches to managing them. This is where Dell Channel partners can really help their customers make the right decision for their business – a new wave of technology brings with it new complexities.

So everything from 2010 to April of 2013 was just a test run? I guess we shouldn't tell all of the schools and businesses who are deploying iPads that they need to start over with a 'real tablet'.

If the first tablet wave was about the user experience, the second is about effective management and support and productivity. We know they work, they’re useful and that users love them. But we need to prove that, in a corporate environment, they don’t become an expensive headache – and that they do things that provide good to the company buying and supporting them, rather than just the users.

Apple is clearly ignoring the enterprise.

We commissioned Principled Technologies to research the total cost of ownership of tablets – specifically, to compare the cost of managing a thousand Apple iPads and a thousand Dell Latitude 10 tablets over three years. A few highlights: Latitude 10 deployment is 17 times faster, and 94 percent cheaper to deploy, than the iPad. Printing is $5,000 cheaper, as the Latitude 10 doesn’t need printer workstations to print. Latitude 10’s battery replacement can be done in seconds on-site by a company’s desktop support staff – while iPads have to go back to Apple. If half of batteries require a replacement over the three years, that adds up to a lot of iPads going back to Apple – and not in the hands of staff in the meantime.

Are you serious? The study that you commissioned found results that are against the iPad? Are people really complaining about sealed batteries in 2013? I thought we had moved past that arguement.

The iPad is a very popular gaming and media tablet – but it’s a consumer device in a business world and now it’s time for business tablets to get the job done efficiently and effectively. Dell Partners are in a particularly good position to help their customer roll out mobile devices that truly support their employees now and as their needs and requirements change.

There is no possibility of a consumer device making it in the workplace. No chance of a single device being good for work and home.

Here is the link to the PDF if you want to have this gem saved for later.