On Exclusive Plex App, Windows Phone 8, and Nokia

Plex Blog:

Ho, ho, ho! Christmas is just around the bend and we’re full of presents! As you all know, we’re big fans of Microsoft’s modern neé Metro platform, and have been for a while. We shipped the original version of the Windows Phone 7 Plex app nearly two years ago, and we’re back today with a brand new app for Windows Phone 8, based on Plex for Windows 8.

As if all this weren’t joy-inspiring enough, we’re also happy to let you know that the app is available exclusively on Nokia Windows Phone 8 devices for the first 30 days, for FREE! Get it while it’s hot, and tell your friends. Just like the best egg nog, this deal will be gone before you know it.

I'd love to know the financial details of this agreement. HTC has to be highly frustrated by this deal. Microsoft can't seem to decide if it wants to be in the OEM business or if it wants to own the entire process.

Is Plex a popular enough app to make it worth it? Plex is a pretty geeky solution as it is. How many people:

  1. Know what Plex is
  2. Have a Nokia Windows Phone 8 device
  3. Use Plex

Also, who is this hurting? It's not hurting Apple or Android (Plex apps have been out). It's simply hurting other Windows Phone 8 OEMs.