The Walk For iPhone

I've been a huge fan of Zombies, Run! since it was released. I was apart of the original Kickstarter campaign and I am currently working my way through season 2. The company behind Zombies, Run! has just released The Walk. Rather than focusing on running, The Walk tells its story as you "walk".

The Walk begins in Inverness station. Through a case of mistaken identity, you the player are given a vital package which must be couriered to Edinburgh, but as you're about to board the train, terrorists blow it up and set off an electromagnetic pulse! None of the cars or trains are working - you'll have to walk - but now the terrorists are on your trail because they want the device you're carrying, and the police are after you as a suspect in the bombing. To survive, you'll have to join up with other escapers from the city - but how many of them can you trust, and are they really who they say?

At a special $3.99 (normally $4.99) launch price, this looks to be a great app to keep you moving during the Christmas season.