Dr. Drang On Photo Management

Dr. Drang:

By the way, if you’re wondering why anyone would use the Finder for photo management, it’s because the Finder, if you use it right, is pretty damned good at it. The icons give you previews of the photos, which you can resize on the fly with that little slider in the bottom right corner of the window. If the largest icon size isn’t big enough, you can always use Quick Look or Preview. In fact, you can easily open an entire folder of photos in Preview if you need more detailed views.

and later:

I agreed with much of what was suggested: bringing the photos onto Myke’s Mac through Image Capture and setting up the year/month folders. But Bradley then suggested Myke move his photos into the folder structure by hand, doing maybe fifty a day for the thousands of photos Myke has. This is madness. It’s using a human to serve the computer rather than the other way around. Like me, Myke needs an automated solution.

So I decided to use Myke’s plight as the kick in the pants to get me to finish the scripts I’d been planning to write. As I suspected, it didn’t take very long. Imagining poor little Myke dragging files for weeks on end was just the motivation I needed to sit down and do it.

If you've got a truck load of photos in iPhoto, then Dr. Drang has created a few scripts to help you get them out.

Update: Casey Liss also made some modifications to the script.