The Original iPhone Demo and Japanese WiFi Frequencies

Fred Vogelstein:

The software in the iPhone’s Wi-Fi radio was so unstable that Grignon and his team had to extend the phones’ antennas by connecting them to wires running offstage so the wireless signal wouldn’t have to travel as far. And audience members had to be prevented from getting on the frequency being used. “Even if the base station’s ID was hidden” — that is, not showing up when laptops scanned for Wi-Fi signals — “you had 5,000 nerds in the audience,” Grignon says. “They would have figured out how to hack into the signal.” The solution, he says, was to tweak the AirPort software so that it seemed to be operating in Japan instead of the United States. Japanese Wi-Fi uses some frequencies that are not permitted in the U.S.

If you only have time to read 1 thing today, read this. The WiFi tidbit is really interesting to me. It definitely speaks to the difficulty of using a shared medium (WiFi) when it has to work perfect. I will definitely be picking up the book when it is released in Novemember.