Flickr vs Everpix: The Upload Process

It's no secret that I am huge fan of Everpix. I have written about it quite a few times and it's really just an excellent service. Flickr has been around for a while and has gone through various transitions over the years (some good and some bad). Since Marissa Mayer took over the reins at Yahoo, Flickr has been receiving a lot of TLC. The biggest news was that all accounts now had 1 terabyte of storage (yes, tera with a T). That is a ton of storage (for free). I've got my entire 65 GB photo library in Everpix already, but I thought I'd check out the process of uploading that entire library to Flickr (it's always good to have another backup).

Here is how this process works for Everpix:

  1. Install Mac client
  2. Tell it where your library is
  3. Drink some coffee
  4. Enjoy your photos (they are automatically organized by date)

Here is how this process works for Flickr.

  1. Search for Flickr for Mac app on Google
  2. Find an official app that says it hasn't been updated since 2009
  3. Search for third party alternatives and become confused
  4. Go back to the web-based uploader
  5. Begin to upload your library one folder at a time
  6. Some folders have to be done twice because the web uploader can only upload 200 photos at a time
  7. Organize them into sets and collections
  8. Shower (you've been at this for a few days at this point)
  9. Repeat step 5-8 each month

I might have a unique workflow, but this seemed like a lot of work. Photo management has got to be simple and nearly automatic. Flickr for iPhone just received an update to allow auto uploads, but this doesn't help with existing photos on a Mac/PC.