The Chambers Daily Guide To Photo Organization

I am happy to announce of a new experiment for myself. I have written a small 2 page PDF on managing photos/home videos in a way that is simple, organized, and backed up.  Rather than simply put this on the blog, I am going to sell it for $1.  

Here is the FAQ:

Q:  Why are you charging for this? Shouldn't this be on your blog for free?

A:  I'm trying something new. It cost me about $100/year for the hosting for this site, so I'm trying to offset the cost.  It's only a buck.  I'll probably net about  $.70 after fees, so it's like buying me a coke.  Co-workers sometimes offer to take me to lunch if they can pick my brain about about their home computer, so consider this like taking me out for a coke.

Q: I consider myself a pretty savvy computer user. Should I buy this?

A: Maybe, but probably not.  You probably won't learn a lot from it, but maybe you will.  This is aimed at folks who want to get organized, but don't know where to start.  If that isn't you, then maybe buy a copy for a friend.

Q: What formats do you offer?

A: You get a DRM free PDF file.

Q: What if I think it's terrible?

A: Email me and I'll refund your money.

Q: Do you offer review copies?

A: I guess so.  Feel free to email me.

If you'd like to purchase, click here. Thanks for your support!