Evernote and Simplenote

I had often thought of Evernote and Simplenote as competitors. I thought I had to decide between the simplicity of Simplenote vs. the power of Evernote. I have been a die hard Simplenote user since it came out. I loved the simplicity of it and the speed at which it is synced. I use nvALT on my Mac to access the data. Its database isn't where I store things long term, though. I currently have five notes stored in it. A few months ago, I started looking at Evernote again. I’ve got a few friends who swear by it as well. I ended up skyping with Fraser Speirs about his workflow on it and I decided to give it a shot.

When I was just using Simplenote, I stored everything else in Dropbox. This certainly has its advantages as well. Since Dropbox is integrated with the file system, it future proofs your data. Evernote has a pretty good export feature, though. I made the move to Evernote and started putting a lot of PDFs into it. I also moved a lot of the things I was using 1Password’s Notes feature for into Evernote as well. Here are my current ‘Notebooks’:


BB is my work stack. I’ve got notebooks for vendors, projects, our our student information system, etc

Out of School is the podcast I do with Fraser Speirs. I am keeping track of our sponsorship inquiries, show topics, revenue, and expenses. Since I am a premium Evernote user, I can share these with Fraser and he can add to/edit them as well.

Personal is where I keep personal things. The cars notebook contains maintenance logs for our vehicles. Certifications contains PDFs of all of the IT certifications I have. House is just random information for my house (air filter size, etc).

I’m keeping a lot in Evernote that was previously not in Simplenote, but rather Dropbox and 1Password. Simplenote is still my go to place for short notes and lists, but Evernote is my ‘long term’ archival/sharing system. I’ve found a place for both in my life.