App Icons

App icons contain a lot of personality. They have different colors and styles. Some try to be fancy and cute, while others try to have a minimistic approach. Some try to convey what the apps does through its style, while others are completely random.

App icons seems like they have become the new CD album cover. I remember buying a new CD and obsessing over the album cover. I’d look through it and try to pick out an over arching theme and see if it flowed throughout the rest of the insert. I stored all my CD’s in a wodden rack. I stored them in this order: favorites (ever changing) and then followed by alphabetical order. Most iPhone users use their phone for a lot of functions. It's their mp3, phone, messaging, portable computer, GPS, and email device. We stare at the home screen often, so the icons are more important than ever. They are the window into the app's soul.

I think about my home screen way more than I should. Currently I have these apps (in order from top left): Safari, Camera, Dark Sky, Downcast, Reeder, Pocket, Simplenote, Omnifocus, 1Password, Spoonbill ( app in beta), Instagram, and Tweetbot. The dock has phone, messages, mail, and music.

I don't love all of the icons on my home screen, though. I do like Dark Sky's and Downcast's icons quite a bit. Pocket has a great icon as well. Byword is my current text editor of choice. It bucks the trend of blue icons and it's immediately recognizable. Why am I saying all these random comments about icons I like? Your icon is your storefront. Your icon is your magazine cover. If you can reasonably afford it, please hire a designer. As crazy as it sounds, my wife uses Twitterrific partly because she likes icon. My wife is a regular iPhone user and there are a lot more people like her than us geeks. Make your icon as important as the code that actually runs the app.

Ps. If you don't know a designer, check out Wet Frog Studios.