Using Evernote as a Contact Form Database

Evernote has become an essential part of my workflow in recent months.  I wanted to explain how to use it as a contact form database.  I am using this specifically with forms, but it would work great with Squarespace forms (among countless others) as well.  The only requirement is that you can specify an email address for the form to be sent to.  Inside of your 'Account Info' within Evernote, you'll find your 'Evernote email address'.  This email is what you normally use to forward attachments and other things into your Evernote database via email.  This is the address you want the form to be sent to.  Most form providers will also let you pre-populate a subject for the email that is sent to you.  You can choose whatever you want as long as you add something like @Website Form Response to the subject.  You can choose whatever you want after the @ as long as you have a corresponding Evernote notebook. If you don't include a specific notebook, it will go into your default notebook.  The advantage of this is that your email isn't being filled with form responses.  You can safely send them to Evernote and respond to them at the appropriate time.