The Justification of Apps

The phrase we've all been hearing for years is ‘There's an App For That’. I’d like to propose a new question: Do you need an app for that? Tim Cook recently said that the average person uses over 100 apps. My question is why? Why do you need 3 weather apps, 2 tip calculators, and a level app. How often do you really use those? It’s just another app to tinker with and to update. I am setting limits on myself. On my iPhone, I am limited myself to the main home screen and a maximum of 2 folders (one of these is for the various built in apps). I am culling though my apps and deleting them. Here is my iPhone:


Let’s look at some of the recent cuts.

  1. iBooks and Kindle - I use both of these apps on my iPad, but I rarely read books on my phone. If I am reading on my iPhone, it is usually in Instapaper.

  2. Day One - I am not giving up my commitment to journaling, but I don’t think a specific app is needed. I am contemplating moving it to Evernote or to a paper notebook.

  3. Find My iPhone - If I lose my iPad or my Mac, I’ll simply redownload it.

  4. Byword - This app is really incredible, but I'm not using it enough. I am moving my writing to Evernote and then using this website to convert Markdown to HTML.

  5. Amazon - While I love Amazon, I can simply use their mobile website if I need to make a purchase.

  6. Redbox - Their mobile website is fine for the 3 seconds I am using it when reserving a movie

Here are a few things to remember:

  1. You can always re-download something if you only use it once in a blue moon.

  2. Most ‘services’ have a mobile website that is generally useable

The result of this process is hopefully that you’ll have less to do on your iPhone and iPad and spend less time ‘tinkering’ with them.