Dropping iPhoto

I've become quite dissatisfied with database style programs for my media. iTunes 10 becomes terribly slow if you have a few hundred gigabytes of media. My iPhoto library was starting to get that way as well. I realized that I was only use 1 feature of iPhoto: organization. I organize my photos either by event or by month. I did zero editing or sharing from within iPhoto. I decide to dump iPhoto and simply use the finder to store my collection. I exported my photos out of iPhoto using the built in export feature. It kept my event structure in tact as well. I decided to tinker with my organizational structure.

  • I start with the year (each year gets its own folder),
  • For a January event, I would create a folder called 2012 - 01 (INSERT EVENT)
  • For the random photos we take during January, I would create folder called 2012 - 01 (the 01 is important because without the '0', '10' would be out of order).

There are seem key advantages here for me:

  • It's much quicker to add photos out of Dropbox camera uploads (see this post) into my collection.
  • I'm not reliant on a database for my most important digital asset.
  • Backup and restore is simpler when not using a database program.
  • It's easier to upload files to a photo printing service (no export out of iPhoto needed).

I'm considering copying Stephen Hackett and upgrading my Dropbox account so these could live within Dropbox. Oddly enough, this would allow my iOS devices to manage my photos. I'm currently backing up my photos using Time Machine, Carbon Copy Cloner, and Crashplan. I also saved 17GB from what the iPhoto library said it was using vs. what the ‘originals folder’ within iPhoto said it was using.