Automatic Photo Sharing From My Wife's iPhone

My wife is with my son a lot of the time. We are very blessed that she is able to stay at home with him. I am also very happy she now has an iPhone 5 as the quality is noticeably better than her old iPhone 4. I keep our ‘master’ iPhoto library on my Mac as I back it up more regulary than I back up hers. I have multiple time machine drives, a clone, and Crashplan (for offsite). In the past, I would plug her iPhone up to my Mac and import the photos manually using either iPhoto or Image

After reading this article on 512 Pixels, I decided to try to rig up a shared folder solution for my wife’s iPhone.

  1. Install Dropbox app on her iPhone
  2. Turn on ‘Automatic Camera Uploads’
  3. Share that folder with my Dropbox account

With this setup, I simply have to open her Dropbox iPhone app and the photos start uploading. Through the shared folder solution, they download to my Mac. I then delete the bad ones and import the rest into iPhoto.