Zombies, Run! Review

Zombies, Run! was one of first Kickstarter projects I backed.  It’s a iPhone app with a game/story that unfolds while you run.  As you run, you hear more of the story, gather supplies to level up your base, and get chased by zombies (this can be turned off and on).  I pre-ordered via SixtoStart’s online store, so I’ve had access to an app called ZR Advance for a few days.  I ran with it twice this weekend and I am hooked.  The voice quality is top notch and the app is really polished for a 1.0.  I love their design as well.

My first run was a quick one just to test out the application and see how it worked.  I planned on spending a lot more time with it yesterday, so I blocked off a window for a 40 minute run.   I decided to start over with episode 1 and play from the beginning.  You begin with a few minutes of the story and then your music picks up (you can select a playlist from Music.app within the app).  After a song or two, the story picks back up.  Along the way, you will get cues that you’ve picked up items.  Once you finish the run, you can use the items to ‘level up’ areas of your base (hospital, recreation, etc.).  I had the zombies chase option turned on it and it is actually pretty fun (and difficult).  My first chase (you get an audible notification that zombies are on your heels) happened about 20 minutes in.  I had enough energy to outrun the attack.  The second one happened right near the end of my run and I was not able to out run them.  I lost a lot of the ‘supplies’ I had gathered.  I was irritated that I lost supplies, but that is the fun of the game.  I will likely go back and redo episode 1 to get back the supplies I lost.

Overall, I’m quite happy with the app.  The voice quality is great, the app is beautiful, and the story seems like its shaping up to be interesting.  I am an avid Runkeeper user, so I am excited about the plans to integrate the app with the Runkeeper Health Graph.  My only minor complaint is that it only has the option to use kilometers.  This is being fixed in the next update, though.  In the mean time, I’m just using Siri to convert to miles.

You can purchase the app here