Zillow iPad App

My wife and I are in the process of selling our home and looking for a new one.  We purchased our last home in 2007 (just after the iPhone was announced).  This is the first time I’ve been able to take advantage of the iPad and iPhone while home shopping.  I did a search for the App store and found a few real estate apps.  I tried Realtor.com, Homes.com, and Zillow.  Realtor.com and Homes.com are terrible apps.  I hated the UI and could not seem to find my way around the apps.  I should probably give them a try for more than 15 minutes, but honestly I don’t care.

Zillow on the other hand is fantastic.  The UI is clean and it’s easy to use.  My favorite part of the iPad app is the ability to set filters (Number of bedrooms, bathrooms, price, etc) and then draw on a map the area I want to look at.  I believe Realtor.com has this feature, but the whole app is so terrible that I don’t want to use it.  My favorite part of the iPhone app is the ability to use the GPS of the iPhone to show me homes (and their information) as we drive around neighborhoods.  It saves us from having to get out of the car to get a flyer from the box (and they are empty the majority of the time).  Zillow makes it easy to save a listing for later (It will sync to the iPad and website).  Zillow also uses the built in Mail.app for sending listings to your realtor or spouse.  While this seems like a small thing, it’s better than filling out a form for each listing (with name, email address, etc).  If you plan to be looking for a new home, I definitely recommend the Zillow iOS app (it’s free).