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Oddly enough, this book shouldn’t need to exist. Our devices should just handle all of this for us. They don’t, though. Our only option is to try to build the simplest solution we can in the mean time. This book is about how I have taken control of my importing, backup, organizing, and enjoying of all my digital photos. Use this book as a template or as a spring board to develop your own methods. The most important thing is to do something. The longer you wait, the harder it will be. In this 19 page book, I will walk you through how I have taken control of my photo library today and how it is set to scale up in the future. Consider this to be your 'how to' manual on managing your photos.

Price: $2.99

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Q. What formats?

A. Either PDF (DRM free), iBooks (iPad only), or Kindle (app or device).

Q. Why is it only 23 pages?

A. I didn't want to overwhelm people with 100 page book on something I could get across in 23. I wanted it to be something that a novice user could understand. It might be better to consider it an instruction manual.

Q. What devices do you assume that I am using?

A. It's aimed at people with an iPhone and a Mac, but the theories are the same.

Credit to Jared Callais for designing the cover.