Have you always wanted to love Evernote, but never really got it? I completely understand! I was in your same place for 4 years, but just recently saw the light. I want to share with you how I learned to love Evernote!

Some of the things you will learn how to do in Evernote:

  1. Storing manuals for appliances

  2. Organizing things your kids make at school

  3. Using the Evernote webclipper to store recipes offline

  4. Keeping track of your car maintenance schedule

  5. How to use shared notebooks.

  6. What are the benefits of a premium account?

Note: As of 10/18/15, I'm no longer using Evernote, but this content is still useful to Evernote users. Check out why by reading my blog post.

What's included (in the standalone video version):

  • 15 Screencasts

  • DRM Free .mp4 files (playable in iTunes, Quicktime, etc)

  • Downloaded as a .zip file (need help unzipping? Mac or Windows)

  • iBook version is basically all the above packaged as an iBooks Author book.

Price: $4.99

Click Here To Purchase DRM free .mp4 video files

Click Here to Purchase iBooks version (iPad and Mac only)

Credit to Jared Callais for designing the cover.